Spending the day in Denver today for my birthday since Easter is tomorrow and everything will be closed. (:
Out of the few tattoos that I have, this one is my favorite. I got it done right before Cody’s first deployment. It served as a constant reminder to be patient and that he would be home soon. It also reminds me to be patient with whatever life might throw at you.

Today is my anniversary! I am beyond grateful that I get to spend this day with Cody since last year I was unable to. I love my husband more than anything in the world and it brings me joy everyday knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Lol. On the computer with Ghost sitting in my arms watching. This is an everyday occurrence. 
Ignore the insane pile of laundry I have to do since Cody JUST unpacked from Vegas.
sup duuudes
My hair has faded into like the weirdest ombre.
It was nice enough to wear shorts today, woooo! 
Except Cody and I went crazy hiking and now my legs are completely scratched up but whatever because I was wearing shorts outside and sweating and that is awesome okay.
You’re so sweet, but I can’t see the screen. D:
It was almost 70 degrees outside today and I didn’t even leave my house what is wrong with me. So I took selfies instead.