Do people realize that if you have an actual thigh gap it means you’re incredibly underweight and probably extremely unhealthy?

Like I don’t know why anyone would look in the mirror and wish they had a thigh gap. If I looked in the mirror and saw a thigh gap I would be so scared.

I recently read a study by some health doctor, I wish I could find it again. But more than 95 percent of woman don’t have thigh gaps. And more than 4.5% of the ones that do struggle with serious weight issues (whether that be an eating disorder or something else that causes them to be underweight).

And most pictures that show healthy girls with a thigh gap, they don’t really have a thigh gap. They’re just positioning their asses and legs and shit to make it look like they have a thigh gap. In which case, anyone can have a thigh gap.


Today I was walking through the mall with my husband and there was a girl at one of those little kiosk things. She was trying to sell straighteners.

So she stopped me and asked “Do you shampoo and condition your hair?”

So I said, “No, I use baking soda.”

& she looked at my hair and said “oh, dear God.”

My husband and I walked away but this really pissed me off. My hair doesn’t look too healthy. I’ve bleached it four times in the past six months to get it this incredibly light. But honestly, it only looks like it was bleached once. (I take REALLY good care of my hair, and washing with baking soda doesn’t cause as much damage as shampoo, so that helps a lot.)

It’s just irritating that since this girl wasn’t accustomed to the idea of baking soda hair washes, it was automatically the wrong thing. Just because it’s not the way you do things, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way to do things.

Sorry // End of rant.

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I hate when a freshman calls another person a freshman and uses it as an insult.

Like really? It’s stupid when people who aren’t freshman do it, and now you’re going to do it even though you ARE a freshman?

Like how does this make sense I really do not understand.

This is the shit I do for my husband.
This is what I do when I have nothing to do.
Capitol livin.
I want to be outrageous but inside I know I’m plain.